What's happening?

Emursive - the producers of the late-night, alcohol-fueled adult show "Sleep No More", is working with high-powered lobbyists to obtain a liquor license for a new production in FiDi. They plan to host 500 people per show, 7 nights a week, up to 12am at 18 William/20 Exchange. In addition, they've repeatedly stated they have the occupancy to host 3,500 people!

We are challenging this proposal. Their presence would severly impact our community's safety, security and quality of life. FiDi's unique, historic, off-grid landscape and public infrastructure are already overburdened and simply can't support this plan.

community board Voting

On Feb 25th, Community Board 1 voted unanimously to oppose the liquor license, finding that it was NOT in the public interest. See the board’s full resolution

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What’s next

We now move on to the State level, where we’ll face two more hurdles — the 500-foot Hearing and the State Liquor Authority Full Board. And in order for us to succeed, the SLA Commissioners and our state and local Representatives must support the Community Board's resolution!

It’s critical that they hear from all of us… with an email, letter or phone call.

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Why this matters to all of us

The space at 18 William is just one of many large venues already planning to open in Lower Manhattan this year. So our concern is both immediate and long term. And beyond 18 Exchange/20 William, both FiDi and our neighboring downtown communities have numerous similarly attractive spaces that could house large venues. The precedent set by this first application will have a lasting impact. We are asking our officials to be mindful of this, as numerous other plans are already in the pipeline.