Feb 13, 2019 — CB1 Licensing and Permits Committee Meeting finds Emursive’s plan inadequate

Emursive, the producers of Sleep No More, accompanied by their lobbyist and attorney, appeared before CB1 Licensing committee. They hope to get swift approval of their liquor license application for a proposed late-night, adult show, 7 nights a week at a large venue at 18 William / 20 Exchange in FiDi.

Dozens of concerned residents also attended to voice their concerns about safety, traffic congestion and late-night noise that this plan would exacerbate in their neighborhood.

The applicant’s plan was found to be inadequate as they were unable to sufficiently answer these concerns. They were asked to provide a traffic study, taking into account the congestion issues already affecting the area during Cipriani events. Particularly the problem of emergency vehicle delays due to clogged streets.

  • July 19, 2019 — Applicant presents traffic study, later found to be inadequate

    The study was conducted by Sam Schwartz Engineering and was later found by the CB1 Licensing Committee to be inadequate.

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  • Sept 9, 2019 — 40 residents attend Keep Fidi Safe Town Hall

    Board members from buildings adjacent to 18 William / 20 Exchange organized a town hall to inform fellow residents about Emursive’s plans. Over 40 residents attended.


Feb 6, 2020 — Community Board 1 hosts Large Venue Working Group to hear from residents

With several large venues planned for Lower Manhattan in the coming year, CB1 invited FiDi residents to discuss the impact this will have on their community. Over 50 FiDi residents attended and expressed great concern about how their district's infrastructure & inhabitants could handle the addition of such venues.

Emursive’s proposal ended up being the main topic of the evening, as many residents raised serious concerns about their plan to host at least 500 people per show, 7 nights per week.


Feb 18 — CB1 Licensing and Permits Committee Opposes Emursive’s plan

Emursive returned before the Community Board’s Licensing and Permits Committee to present a revised proposal. It included: late-night shows 7 nights a week; potentially multiple times a day; 5 bars across 7 floors (5 of these levels are in the basement/sub-basements); a cafe open from 6 am until 1hr before showtime; and a rideshare drop-off at Water Street & Wall Street to be incentivized by a discount.

Emursive received a vote of NO support from the Committee with only 1-member abstaining, determining that this proposed application was NOT in the public interest. More than 100 residents appeared in opposition, while many others were turned away because the room’s capacity was full.


Feb 25 — Full Manhattan Community Board 1 Opposes Emursive’s plan

Emursive again made their presentation, this time in front of the entire CB1. 150 residents were present and over 20 gave personal testimony in opposition of the application.

CB1 determined that the 18 William / 20 Exchange liquor application is NOT in the public interest.

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What’s next…

500-foot Hearing

As the site is located within 500 feet of more than 20 on-premise liquor licenses, by law the application cannot be approved unless the Authority finds that issuing the license would be in the public interest.

The 500 Foot Law requires that the Authority consult with the Community Board and conduct a hearing to gather the facts to determine whether the public interest would be served by issuing the license.

A judge will hear the case and report his findings, as well as any recommendations or limitations he would like incorporated into the license, to the full SLA Board.

State Liquor Authority Full Board Decision

The Full Board of the State Liquor Authority holds bi-weekly meetings. The members may vote to approve, deny or carry-over a license application. Each application is reviewed on its individual merits, taking into account the recommendations of local law enforcement, government officials, community boards, and members of the public.